Setting up your Backpage Account
Written by Brett
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 20:40
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Choose the Backpage city in which you’re located or the one nearest to your location.
If you have a Backpage account enter the email address associated with it in the email field to prevent you from having to reenter it when you return to Backpage.

  • Choose a default layout.
  • To track how many times your ad is viewed, choose to display the counter.
  • Change the default number of photos you want displayed.  We recommend you show 4 to try to get potential buyers to go to your website.
  • Also, link to Website on Banner so your potential customers can view the rest of your inventory. You can change the website this is linked to under Settings > Account.
  • If you want the Inventory Price to carry over to your Craigslist listings, set this to Yes. If you have different pricing in mind, select No.


On your Backpage listing we provide you with an upper and lower contact information box that shows up on every ad. You can have whatever information you would like in these fields that would automatically populate on each listing. Keep in mind if someone wants to flag your listings, they could simply copy one of the sentences you’ve written in these boxes, therefore, we suggest not using canned information in these boxes but just use short and simple information. So if flagging becomes an issue, make an adjustment to these boxes first. These tags will automatically populate your information in the listing based on who is logged in, therefore, you do not need to type out your name, dealership name, phone number, etc.

To add a tag, click inside the box where you want to add the tag, then click the Add button. Once you have everything adjusted, click the SAVE button to save your settings.


Creating a Backpage Account

Backpage is the up and coming competitor for Craigslist. With numbers of visitors in the millions per month, Backpage is also a great place to post your vehicles. Backpage is similar to Craigslist in many ways, including how you post.

First create a Backpage account by going to the Backpage site for your city. Click the Account Login link located at the very bottom left of the site's homepage.

Then click Sign up for an account and enter the necessary information. You will need to verify your e-mail address.

Next, you will be required to phone verify your account. Backpage will either send your cell phone a text or call your phone with an automated message.

The final step will be to enter your verification code. You can only verify one Backpage account per phone number. You are now ready to begin posting to Backpage.

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